Getting the right message, through the right channels, to the right audience, is easier said than done. Especially for a social good audience, where the product is not always clear, and the audience not always obvious.

KORE Communication | Strategy | Research can help you shape your message and figure out how to deliver it effectively.

Whether you want to run a full campaign, or just want some help with a one-off project like an annual report or pre-budget submission, we’re happy to help.

Here’s some of the things we can do for you:

  • Deliver a one-of document like a major report
  • Write or re-write your website content, or build a new website
  • Develop a social media calendar
  • Plan your member communication
  • Issue and crisis communication
  • Develop a campaign strategy or full-service campaign management

If we can’t help you with your particular communication need, one of our partners will be able to help. Get in contact with us today for a free initial consultation.